Portrait paintings and art of selling

Tupac , a legendary rap artist , a portrait of him I did when I was starting pop art portraits. Painting any portrait isn’t easy sometimes because one small mistake can change the subject’s features and may not look the way it is supposed to.

You can find top 10 famous portrait artists here https://www.artst.org/famous-portrait-artists/

I started as landscape artist in 2017 and in late  2021 I started developing portrait skills. It wasn’t easy to get the right proportions . Once I felt that I can manage the proportions , I thought of using colors but ended up using black and white. And now I love it. I made some sales after I switched to pop art portraits. I paint moreover as an hobby but if someone wants to buy my paintings, I sell them. Selling paintings is an art which I am not sure I will ever get there. First the is that painting has to be good enough. Second , it should be visible to the right audionce and third is that it should be affordable to customers. If it is not affordable, then you better have excellent art network. Yiu can sell one painting for $2000 but finding a buyer without a reputation in the art circle isn’t easy. But if your prime motive is make money from it , then you can sell 4 paintings for $500 and still make $2000. I am not saying here that you undervalue yourself and your art but be reasonable if you are after money. 

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