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Are you looking for pop art celebrity portraits or pop art portraits of you or your family? You are at the right place.

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Everyone has a artist in them, I found my passion for art in 2017 when I was going through a rough patch . So I started painting. It gave me strength to do something in my life. I picked up a brush and colors and started my journey towards the art world and haven’t looked back since then and I love every moment of it. Now I mostly do pop art portraits of celebrities and custom portraits on demand using acrylic. The size of canvas depends on you.

About Me

About me

By profession I am in Information Technology, by passion I am merely an artist  who picks up a brush and starts painting on weekends. I have full support of my wife and daughter who give me ideas on what to paint or colors to use. I love it when my painting is half way through and taking its shape . Its a good moment,  trust me . Detailing a painting and fine tuning it a tiring process which can be hours or days sometimes but final painting is worth it. Thank you for visiting my website and if you have any questions,  feel free to contact me.

My Medium

Acrylic is my only media for now though I have tried oil pastels and colored pencils but as everyone knows acrylic is the most forgiving medium , I love it. I have done so many paintings and then painted them over easily using acrylic since they didn’t turn out to be what I wanted. I used to paint on small canvases or canvas boards but then I switched to larger canvases and haven’t looked back since.  I varnish all my paintings if I am satisfied with them. I love to use gloss medium too to give my paintings some glazing effects . I have repainted so many paintings since last 3 years. 

My Inspiration

Beautiful landscapes are my inspirations to paint them on my canvases . Putting nature into canvases is very satisfying .I watch a lot of YouTube channels to learn from the great artists out there . There are amazing artists on YouTube that  will inspire everyone . I hope my paintings will inspire you or someone . 

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Anyone can paint

Anyone can paint

If you every thought about painting and afraid of what people will think if you post them into
Portrait paintings and art of selling

Portrait paintings and art of selling

Tupac , a legendary rap artist , a portrait of him I did when I was starting pop art portraits.